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XTool F1 to F1 ULTRA Fixture Adapter

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The XTool F1 ULTRA is a significantly larger machine than its predecessor, the regular XTool F1. The F1 ULTRA model does not feature a passthrough window in the baseplate like the original F1 where jigs and fixtures can be seated for quick and easy alignment of your best selling products and workpieces.

With the F1 to F1 ULTRA fixture adapter you can use F1 fixtures that would have fit the original F1 passthrough window. For example, the following fixtures would be compatible with the F1 ULTRA with this adapter:

It will likely also fit fixtures created for the F1 from other vendors, or perhaps you've already made some of your own. As long as it fit the passthrough window of the original XTool F1 it should fit inside of this adapter.

Note that the parts you receive will be colored BLACK. The colors in the pictures are used to make the items more visible in the listing photos. 

What is included:

  • F1 to F1 ULTRA Fixture Adapter
  • All Hardware

What is not included:

  • Jigs or Fixtures

When using with metal materials on the high power F1 ULTRA - use at your own risk. A lot of heat can be generated with the high power F1 ULTRA when deep engraving or embossing metal materials and there is a risk of melting the fixtures. 

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