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XTool F1 RA2 Pro Tilt Mechanism Kit

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Upgrade your XTool RA2 Pro rotary attachment with the parts as seen in the video above. This tilt mechanism kit is specifically designed to make working with the RA2 Pro on the XTool F1 as efficient and accurate as possible. Now you can tilt your workpieces and fit larger mugs and tumblers with handles inside your F1!

The XTOOL RA2 Pro is a very versatile rotary attachment that is compatible with more than just the XTOOL cutters and engravers. It can be used on other branded machines as well. 

Despite being quite versatile as-is, the RA2 pro is missing a key feature that is incredibly important for engraving objects with non-uniform profiles. It lacks the ability to tilt which would allow you to keep the section of the workpiece profile parallel to the x-axis travel. Therefore, along the section you want to engrave your laser will lose focus and result in a less sharp image. 

Of course you can wedge materials under the base and try and find the perfect sized object to fit underneath but this can be frustrating and not very precise or repeatable. This tilt mechanism kit allows you to continuously adjust the position up to 40 degrees both ways. Other tilt kits on the market often just lift the metal base in one direction only. Additionally, other kits lift the end of the base. This kit mounts the main assembly on top of the T-slot profile and allows you adjust the center of mass above the base so that there is no risk of the assembly tipping over. 

The other benefit to the tilt mechanism kit is that it raises the workpiece higher above the metal base. Work pieces with large handles will now clear the base. You can now fit larger mugs and tumblers with handles INSIDE of the F1.

To compensate for the higher assembly build, two leg extensions are included to raise the whole XTOOL F1 machine an appropriate amount. The RA2 base can slide under and will sit against the riser feet to provide an easy method of aligning the center axis of your cylindrical workpiece with the center of the laser. No more messing around with trying to align with the marks on the base plate! This makes your setup quick and repeatable!

Note that the parts you receive will be BLACK and GREY. The colors in the pictures are used to make the items more visible in the listing photos. 

What is included:

  • RA2 Tilt Mechanism
  • Two Leg Extensions
  • All Hardware

What is not included:

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