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Laser Safety Glasses (Blue Diode / IR)

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Protect your eyes from blue diode lasers and infrared laser modules with these affordable laser protection glasses. (Hard shell case and lens cleaning cloth included!)

Some hobby laser cutters and engravers do not include eye protection at all. While other brands may include laser safety glasses, oftentimes they are inadequate or have no markings indicating the wavelength attenuated and the corresponding optical density.

These goggles are clearly marked with two separate wavelengths (blue) 190-540nm and (infrared) 900-1700nm. The optical density for the blue spectrum is OD6 and the optical density for the infrared spectrum is OD4. Most "cheap" glasses available do not reach these levels of protection. Do not waste your money on those.

Optical density is the amount of attenuation provided by the absorption material (the glasses) and is measured on a logarithmic scale of transmitted light through the material. This is important because, for example, a rating of OD5 would be 0.001% of light transmitted, but a better rating of OD6 would be significantly less; only 0.0001% of light transmitted. Therefore the optical density works on a non-linear scale. 

Protection from both of these laser types makes them very suitable for use with popular brands such as XTOOL where they offer both blue diode laser modules and infrared laser modules. In some cases, such as the XTOOL F1 - the machine includes both types of lasers. Therefore, you can wear one set of goggles while operating this machine without having to switch eyewear. 

Despite wearing laser safety glasses, always practice safe laser usage. NEVER point your lasers at people or pets. NEVER service your laser machine with the power on. NEVER look directly into the laser source. NEVER point your laser at a mirrored surface.

Laser glasses are intended to protect your eyes from reflected laser light but you should never rely on them to shield your eyes from direct beam or reflection from a mirrored surface. By purchasing this item you agree that Embrace Making will not be held responsible for any damages or injuries incurred to any person, animal or property related to the use of this item. By purchasing this item you are aware of the risk of severe eye damage associated with the operation of laser equipment and Embrace Making will not in any way be held liable for damages or injuries to people, animals or property while operating laser equipment. You assume full responsibility for your actions and the resulting consequences and Embrace Making is not liable for any loss, claim, or demand arising directly or indirectly from any use or reliance upon the information provided.

What is included:

  • QTY: 1 Laser Glasses
  • Protective Case
  • Lens Cloth

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