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Creality Falcon 2 Tool Organizer Caddy

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Upgrade your Creality Falcon 2 (22W & 40W) laser cutter and engraver with the parts as seen in the video above. NOTE that the part will be BLACK. The image is shown in a brighter color so that you can better see the product details.

The tool organizer caddy is a great way to keep all of your parts and accessories from your Creality Falcon 2 in one convenient place. Prevent them from getting lost and maintain a clean and organized work space. You can also neatly spool the extra length of air assist hose.

The tool organizer will attach to the side of your Falcon 2 using the two unthreaded holes from the alternative frame feet positions and can accommodate the frame feet in the most outward or most inward position.

The caddy will hold all four feet extensions, the original spare parts case, the USB drive, the focusing tool, plus several hex keys and screw drivers. It is also compatible with holding the material squaring tool that can be found here:

 What is included:

  • Tool Organizer Caddy (BLACK)
  • All Hardware

What is not included:

  • Material Squaring Tool

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Creality Falcon 22W

Creality Falcon 40W


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