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Creality Falcon 2 Material Squaring Corner Alignment Tool

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Laser Module

From the options above, select if you have the 22W or 40W module! NOTE: that the part will be BLACK. The image is shown in a brighter color so that you can better see the product details.

Upgrade your Creality Falcon 2 (22W & 40W) laser cutter and engraver with the parts as seen in the video above.

The material squaring and corner alignment tool will assist you in lining up your square / rectangular work pieces with your laser module such that the edges are parallel with the X/Y axis. It will also quickly line up your laser with the corner of your workpiece to establish the 0,0 origin. 

Additionally, there is a built in stepped focusing guide that references the top of your workpiece in the same manner that the original Falcon 2 focusing tool works.

Therefore, all three steps of preparing your workpiece (squaring, corner alignment, and focusing) can be accomplished with a single tool to save you precious time on each job. 

This tool is compatible with the tool organizer caddy that can be found here:


What is included:

  • Material Squaring Corner Alignment Tool (BLACK)


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Creality Falcon 22W

Creality Falcon 40W


Laser Proof Silicone Work Surface Mat (20" x 28")

Laser Proof Silicone Work Surface Mat (23.5" x 31.5")


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