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XTool RA2 Bubble Level Holder and Backstop Kit

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Improve setup accuracy and efficiency with the RA2 bubble level holder and backstop kit. *ALSO FITS THE WECREAT VISION ROTARY TOOL


The XTool RA2 Pro comes with a 14x14x40mm bubble level that is used to compare the angle of your workpiece to the angle of your frame. They should be in alignment for best results. However, the bubble level is rectangular and oftentimes will slip off of round objects and needs to be held in place while making adjustments to the workpiece angle (made possible with the Embrace Making RA2 Pro Tilt Mechanism).

You only have two hands and you can slide the RA2 bubble level into the bubble level holder and it's geometry will allow it to sit on round objects and properly align itself with the axis of rotation. This will free up your hands and eliminate any guesswork.

The RA2 backstop plates are designed to mount behind the chuck jaws. First remove the chuck jaws, slide the backstop plate over, and secure the jaws back in place. Now when supporting cups, tumblers, and mugs from the inside, you can butt the rim of the cup against the backstop plate to ensure it is aligned with the axis of rotation. No more off axis spinning, and no more tedious "eyeballing" of your setup. 

Two different size backstops are included that should cover common tumbler sizes. Most sellers will only give you a large one - I've included two of them because you want to use the smallest one possible for your tumbler - otherwise if you only have a large backstop on a small cup it may stick out too far above the surface of your cup. This would limit your laser head travel towards the top of your cup or tumbler on machines like the XTool D1 Pro because it can interfere with the backstop.  

Note that the parts you receive will be BLACK or GREY. The colors in the pictures are used to make the items more visible in the listing photos. 

What is included:

  • RA2 Bubble Level Holder
  • 88mm Backstop Plate
  • 104mm Backstop Plate

What is not included:

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