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XTool F1 (~2.5") To 4 Inch (101mm) Hose Adapter

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Build your custom smoke and fume extraction system with hose adapters allowing you to transition between various size hoses.

 This part allows you to connect the XTool flexible hose (~2.5") to a 4 inch (~101mm) hose for the purpose of smoke and fume extraction of your laser cutter and engraver.

This will typically work with the XTool F1 or the XTool smoke and fume purifier.

If you are connecting a 4" hose directly to the back of the F1, use the white XTool flexible hose to connect to the F1. Then use this adapter to connect the free end of the hose to a 4" hose. Now you can use a 4" inline booster fan to pull the exhaust to the outdoors. Inline booster fan example in the links below.

Alternatively, if you have the XTool desktop smoke purifier, you can connect that to your F1 machine directly (as shown in this listing pictures). With some materials you may still smell traces of odor coming out of the smoke purifier exhaust port. Or perhaps you want complete peace of mind and want to route the purifier exhaust outside even if you don't smell anything. Attach the white XTool flexible hose to the desktop smoke purifier exhaust port and then use this adapter to attach a 4" hose to extend your exhaust length to a window or door. Optionally use a 4" inline booster fan to help pull the fumes through the hose if you have a very long distance to travel. Inline booster fan example in the links below.

  What is included:

  • QTY: 1 Plastic Adapter (color: BLACK)

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