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XTool D1 Pro Wire and Hose Management System

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Upgrade your XTool D1 Pro with a wire harness and air assist hose management system.

One of the biggest shortcomings of the XTool D1 pro is the wire management system from the factory. The placement of the various wire harnesses seem to be an afterthought and they are sometimes in the path of moving parts, getting pinched between the gantry and rear frame member, or even encroaching on your work space where they will come in contact with your workpiece. Once air assist is added, another unruly hose is getting tangled in the mix.

To fix all of these issues, this wire and hose management system organizes the harness and air assist hose so that they bend naturally in each axis. It also moves these components away from the bottom of the frame to avoid flexing into the work space and provides more room between the gantry and rear frame member. The rear limit switch can now be reliably activated without obstruction.

All of this can be achieved without the use of expensive cable chains. Cable chains are intended to be used with expensive harnesses and hoses rated for use in the abrasive environment of the inside of a cable chain in industrial settings. You do not incur these unnecessary costs for this application. 

This kit is fully compatible with the XTool D1 Pro frame extension and also with the XTool enclosure. 

Note that the wire harness included in this kit will not fit a NON-PRO machine. The regular D1 has an 8 pin connector whereas the D1 PRO has a 9 pin connector. If you wish to use this kit on the NON-PRO machine you will need to source your own connectors. It can be done but would require you to re-pin the included harness using 8 pin connectors.

 What is included:

  • Mounting brackets for X/Y Axis
  • Hardware
  • Routing Block with PCB
  • X-Axis wire harness

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