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XTool D1 Pro PCB and Button Cover Kit

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IF YOU HAVE THE D1 Pro 2.0 (the latest D1 Pro version with the emergency stop button) please notify me in the notes section on checkout. I will make sure you get the PCB cover that fits your machine!

Upgrade your XTool D1 Pro laser cutter and engraver with the parts as seen in the video above. This listing is for the PCB and button cover kit.

Note: If you have a D1 non-pro version the top button cover should fit. However, at this point I am not certain if the PCB cover will fit the non-pro. If you purchase this listing and have a non-pro model I would appreciate if you would let me know if it fits your non-pro machine.

I have solicited a lot of feedback from XTOOL D1 users and have heard some common complaints about minor annoying issues. 

The first of the issues is the lack of protection for the main control board PCB. The main control board sits behind/inside of the front frame member. Inside of a garage / wood working shop it is left exposed to the collection of dust and wood particles that will collect on top of the circuit board. Even by products such as soot from the lasering process may collect on the board. Over time this may affect the board's ability to dissipate heat and could lead to the failure of the circuit board.

Therefore, the PCB cover provides a barrier to ingress of unwanted particles. There are some small vent holes to allow heat to escape. It is also very easily removed with a pull tab if something needs to be accessed behind the cover.

Additionally, another common complaint was the lack of protection for the main button. I have personally found this to be problematic when leaning over the machine to make last minute adjustments to work pieces. A few times my arm / elbow has accidently hit the main button which tells the machine to start. This is not ideal as you do not want your hands near the laser when it is operating. 

For this I created the main button cover. It simply installs with 3M double sided tape (included). There is a flexible RED or GREY cap cover to keep the button protected from liquid spills that could find their way down to the mainboard beneath it. When the cap is removed the button sits safely inside of the plastic guard that prevents accidental activation.

 What is included:

  • Mainboard PCB Cover (Black)
  • Button Cover (Red or Grey Cap with Black Frame)

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