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XTool D1 / D1 Pro LED Lighting System

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Upgrade your XTool D1 / D1 Pro with an LED lighting system to enhance visibility inside the frame of your machine or laser enclosure.

Many people use their laser cutting and engraving machines in their garage, workshop, or other potentially dimly lit areas. This makes it difficult to see the fine details of your work and to setup your workpieces. Additionally, if you are using the XTool enclosure it can be very dark inside and difficult to see.

This LED upgrade kit provides you with two LED light bars that securely mount to the machine frame and provide a diffused daylight color temperature (with min. LED CRI of 90) for comfortable and natural viewing.

The LED mounts are adjustable so you can angle the LED units downwards to prevent glare. The entire kit is plug and play and no complex wiring is involved. An inline switch makes it easy to turn the lighting system on and off as required.

Note that this kit will not fit your D1 frame if you have the extension kit. However it is rather easy to make it work with one extra wire extension. Please use the contact form on this website to discuss if you would like to know how to make it work with the frame extension kit.

 What is included:

  • QTY: 2 LED Light Bars
  • QTY: 2 Extension Cables (One with inline switch)
  • QTY: 1 Power Supply (North American Plug)
  • Mounting Brackets

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