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Voron (All Models) Print Head for DYZE PRO KIT Multi-Jet Printed Parts

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Note that I am working on making this a downloadable digital product whereby you would be purchasing the STL files. 

Please reference the pictures to see which plastic parts are included. The pink parts in the print head assembly image show where the parts are situated in the assembly. The final image shows an example of the actual coloring of a multi-jet printed part up close. The surface appears speckled grey and has a fine texture. 

 Equip your Voron (All models) with the most premium 3D printed parts. These functional parts are for mounting the DYZE Design Extruder Pro Kit and have been redesigned to be optimized for Multi-Jet Fusion (MJF) printing in nylon 12 material.

DYZE Design Extruder Pro:


Tool Head PCB and wiring information:


For more information about this technology, read the white paper here:


This chemical binding process is far superior to regular FDM printing resulting in isotropic mechanical properties. Also, multi-jet printing does not rely on the utilization of support material and therefore parts that were previously made in two pieces - due to the limitations of FDM printing - can now be produced as one single piece. This greatly increases the strength and precision of the parts ensuring that your machine achieves peak performance.

Please note that any parts that interface with cable chain will always have the 2 hole configuration intended for use with IGUS cable chain.

Original hardware can be re-used for installation, no hardware is required to be included in this kit. In some pieces, some of your original hardware will be discarded because many parts are now single piece parts. They no longer have to be bolted together.


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