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Spool Stand X

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Developed in conjunction with designer 'LS7' this versatile spool stand works with the super deluxe spool holder (click here). Please note that to build this complete kit, you need to get a super deluxe spool holder sold separately. You can reuse the regular Creality "twist lock" spool holder but it does not offer optimal performance as the original spool holder does not spin freely and results in much higher friction. Additionally the original spool holder will not allow you to operate the Spool Stand X horizontally.

The main function of the Spool Stand X is to easily relocate your filament spools from the original mounting locations on any 3D printer. This gives you the freedom to place the spool anywhere around your printer to optimize your workspace and the filament path. The Spool Stand X can be operated both vertically and horizontally. 

It features two mounting provisions for various accessories (see product options) such as a PTFE tube guide or mounts for the Creality filament runout detection sensors. These accessories are mounted on ball joints to ensure the best possible filament path and can be placed on the left or right side of the spool stand to accommodate different filament path directions. 

For example, on the Creality K1 the original spool holder location was placed at the back of the printer. This makes changing the filament a very awkward procedure. The Spool Stand X can instead be used with the PTFE tube guide accessory to relocate the spool holder to the side of the machine and guide the filament through the original runout detection sensor at the back of the printer. This reduces the overall depth of the printer to now fit more easily on a shelf / table and access to the spool is convenient.

To take up even less shelf / table space, the Spool Stand X can be placed on top of the Creality K1 (or any other enclosed printer with flat lid) in the horizontal orientation. There are four rubber anti-slip feet to ensure the stand does not move with machine vibrations. Again, the PTFE tube guide accessory can route the filament behind the machine to the runout detection sensor. 

(If you want to relocate the filament runout sensor on your machine and attach it to the Spool Stand X accessories you would need to get a wire extension to do so)

To counteract the weight of an unusually heavy spool, there is an optional adjustable spool holder lip support that you can print yourself. It is not included in the kit as it is generally not needed. It can be positioned to make contact with the outside lip of the rotating spool in extreme cases. You can find the link to the lip support parts below, along with a blank accessory mount if you want to design your own accessory to thread into the spool stand:


The Spool Stand X will be printed for you in BLACK. The colors in the images are to make the details easier to see and to differentiate between the various parts of the assembly. In the images you can see the Super Deluxe Spool Holder and the Twist Blade Master Spool - both sold separately. They are depicted in the images to demonstrate compatibility. 

What is included:

  • Spool Stand X
  • Accessories As Selected In This Listing

What is not included:

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