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Super Deluxe Spool Holder

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This super deluxe spool holder replaces the ones commonly found on Creality printers and other brands that use the "twist lock" holders.

This kit includes a locking nut if you have a first gen spool holder that requires a locking nut behind the sheet metal spool holder bracket. If you have the newer style spool holder that twists directly into the plastic receptacle on the spool holder bracket, you can simply put the included locking nut aside and the Super Deluxe Spool Holder will directly replace your original one - no locking nut required.

This spool holder features self centering cones that quickly and perfectly locate filament rolls with inner diameters up to 70mm (for rare larger diameters, you can print a reducer) to eliminate the sloppy fit between your filament spools and the spool holder that came with your Creality printer. The poor fit of the original equipment causes eccentric rolling of your spools while printing which can lead to non-uniform extrusion as the extruder motor has to pull more/less through the eccentric rolling pattern.

No modifications are necessary to your original equipment. Simply remove the old spool holder and twist and lock the new Super Deluxe Spool Holder in place. The entire spool holder is reinforced with a steel bolt running through the center of the part that prevents the part from creeping / sagging over time, and also acts as a smooth axle for the whole filament roll to rotate about. 

The spool holder will be printed for you in the colors depicted in this listing (black / red). 

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