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Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 / 5 (All Models) Docking Charging Station Stand (Obsolete)

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Dock, charge and display your beautiful Samsung Galaxy 4 / 5 watch with this fully customizable docking stand. Select from a wide variety of top/bottom colors to create your own personalized stand suitable for your office desk, night stand, etc. The top and bottom are two separate pieces and simply snap together.

With the latest Galaxy Watch 5 there have been many reports that the shape of the band will not allow the watch to sit flat and properly charge on the charging pad from Samsung. You will not have this problem with this docking station as it allows the band to maintain it's original shape and it will naturally wrap around this unit.

You will need the "puck" or disc style watch charger that typically comes with the Galaxy Watch 4. If you are a GW5 owner and you need a charger, you can find one at the link below. These chargers will work fine with the GW5.

Additionally, there is space within the base of the stand to coil up and hide excess wire from your charger to make your smartwatch display even tidier.

As seen in the pictures, the stand will accommodate even the largest 46mm Galaxy Watch 4 Classic and all smaller models. Simply wrap your band around the station and plug in the USB cable.

*Charging pad / puck is not included but replacement can be found below:

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