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Creality Sonic Pad Adjustable Tilt Mount For Extrusion

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Fits onto 20 series V slot extrusion, therefore compatible with many printers!

This listing is for the Creality Sonic Pad adjustable tilt mount for 20 series aluminum v slot extrusion. Note that the parts will be manufactured in black. The colors in the images are for easy identification in the listing.

Quickly mount, move, and adjust your Sonic Pad on your printer frame. No need to struggle with t-slot nuts or hardware for installation. The mounts hook into the V slot profile and gravity holds the unit in place.

Simply engage and disengage the teeth to make adjustments to the Sonic Pad angle for your perfect viewing angle.

As seen in the video above, you can also flip the unit upside down for use on a table top without the base assembly. In the Sonic Pad advanced settings you can flip the screen 180 degrees to accommodate the new orientation.

 What is included:

  • 3D printed parts (BLACK)

 If you do not yet own a Creality Sonic Pad and you're looking for a great deal:

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