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Creality Smooth Spool Holder (Obsolete)

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NOTE: This product has been replaced by the Super Deluxe Spool Holder (click here)

Eliminate the sloppy fit between your filament spools and the spool holder that came with your Creality printer. This poor fit causes eccentric rolling of your spools while printing which can lead to non-uniform extrusion as the extruder motor has to pull more/less through the eccentric rolling pattern.

This smooth spool holder has conical TPU grippers to securely grab the inner diameter of your spools. The cone shape accommodates various different spools from different manufacturers. The inner bushings roll smoothly over the outer diameter of the Creality spool holder ensuring a nice fit and eliminating the eccentric rolling pattern.

The 3D printed nut and bolt secure the rollers onto your Creality spool holder. Note that you will have to cut/sand off the existing shoulder of your spool holder and the nut/bolt replace that shoulder to keep the spool from slipping off. Follow the instructions in the video.

What is included:

  • 2x TPU Cone Grippers
  • 2x Bushings
  • 1x Bolt
  • 1x Nut

This item is also available for free download here if you would like to print it yourself:

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