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Creality Falcon 2 (22W / 40W) Laser Crosshairs

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Upgrade your Creality Falcon 2 (22W/40W) laser cutter and engraver with the parts as seen in the video below. THIS LISTING FITS BOTH 22W and 40W MODELS. IT WILL FIT BOTH MODELS WITH OR WITHOUT THE FUME EXTRACTORS. IT WILL NOT FIT THE PRO MODEL WITH THE BUILT IN ENCLOSURE/CAMERA.

A laser crosshairs module is a tool designed to assist operators in aligning their workpieces efficiently and accurately. It projects a crosshair pattern onto the surface of the material, providing a visual guide for precise positioning. This feature dramatically simplifies the setup process, ensuring that your designs are flawlessly aligned before starting the engraving process.

Unfortunately the Creality Falcon 2 laser cutters and engravers do not come equipped with a laser crosshairs module making the alignment and positioning process quite cumbersome. Take the guesswork away with this upgrade!

In addition to the video I have also provided a written guide here:

What is included:

  • Laser Crosshair Module with Integrated Switch
  • Mounting Bracket
  • All Hardware


Nominal offsets for normal planar (flat) position:

22W Module: X: -55mm  Y: -43mm

40W Module: X: -60.5mm Y: -35mm

Nominal offsets for rotary position:

22W Module: X: -55mm  Y: 0mm

40W Module: X: -60.5mm Y: 0mm

DANGER: The laser crosshairs module is a 5mW Class IIIa red laser. Class IIIa lasers are continuous wave, intermediate power (1-5 mW) devices. Some examples of Class IIIa laser uses are laser pointers and laser scanners. Direct viewing of the Class IIIa laser beam could be hazardous to the eyes. Do not view the Class IIIa laser beam directly. Do not point a Class IIIa laser beam into another persons eyes. 

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