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Creality CR10 Smart Bondtech LGX Lite + MicroSwiss All Metal Hot End Kit

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PLEASE NOTE: Recently BondTech has released the LGX Lite V2. Unfortunately they removed the ability to mount the LGX lite with a "sandwich" plate like this kit uses. To use this kit you will need to buy the V1 extruder that has the removable plate between the extruder and the motor.

The Creality CR10 Smart printer is a platform that has a lot of potential. However, there are a few design elements of the printer that could use some improvements to allow the printer to realize its full potential as a high quality printing machine.

The Creality hot end incorporates a strain gauge sensor into the design for the purpose of autobed levelling. Essentially, the nozzle becomes the auto bed level probe. While this is interesting, it limits the number of compatible upgrades. 

MicroSwiss offers an all metal hot end listed for the CR6 SE that will work on the CR10 Smart as seen from my video. It is a drop in replacement but the printable fan shroud on the MicroSwiss website does not fit the CR10 Smart correctly. I have fixed that for you!

Additionally, the bowden tube setup is not ideal for high quality printing on this machine. A direct drive extruder is far superior and the Bondtech LGX Lite combines precision and low mass to achieve a fantastic direct drive solution.

Therefore if you want to get the most out of your Creality CR10 Smart, the combination of the two modifications will allow you to run higher temperature materials and achieve more consistent extrusion. The transition from Bowden tube to direct drive (Bondtech LGX Lite) will also increase your filament control by eliminating the 'spring' inherent with a Bowden tube setup. I have noticed much less stringing and oozing when printing in PETG.

This upgrade kit includes all of the installation parts necessary to fit the Bondtech LGX lite and MicroSwiss all metal hot end plus the additional hardware necessary. All parts are printed in carbon fiber PETG material.

What is included in the kit:

  • LGX Lite Mount
  • Strain Relief Mount
  • Fan Mount
  • Hardware

What is not included in the kit:

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