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Creality CR-6 SE (245x255) PEI Magnetic Flex Build Plate Systems

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PEI coated flexible magnetic build plates are one of the best upgrades you can make to any 3D printer to ensure reliable first layer adhesion.

These magnetic flex plates are double sided where one side is smooth and the other side is textured. Both sides have a PEI coating for the best print adhesion.

Most 3D printers use glass print beds with or without a special coating to act as an adhesion promoter when hot and will easily release when cold. These generally work well, however, there are some drawbacks to these print beds. One of the biggest issues is that they are often fastened to the print bed carriage using clamps / clips. These components exert force on the glass at the edges and are often the culprit of glass build plates appearing to be bent or bowed. Glass is inherently very flat but it is the fixation system that causes problems. 

The magnetic build plates do not have this issue as the magnetic sheet is attached to the print bed carriage using the 3M adhesive backing. Therefore it is uniformly attached without clamps pressing on the corners. The spring steel flex plate uses the magnetic force to adhere itself to the print bed. Again, this is a uniform force across the entire build surface resulting in a very flat surface.

Additionally, removing prints is very easy and is performed with the flex plate removed from the machine. Therefore there is little chance of disturbing the bed level between prints.

What is included:

  • Double sided PEI coated spring steel flex plate
  • 3M Adhesive Magnetic Sheet


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