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Embrace Making

40mm Challenge Coin Display Stand

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As seen in the video above, these 40mm challenge coin display solutions will allow you to proudly display your collection of challenge coins. The 40mm brass coins will look prominent and sharp in front of the black display stand.

If you are engraving or embossing your own coins, then you likely own an IR or Fiber Laser. These display stands can be marked with an IR / Fiber laser as seen in the listing picture. Add your own brand, or whatever text you desire. The display units will be shipped to you BLANK (the picture with 'Embrace Making' at the bottom is just an example). If you are looking to buy in bulk and resell to your own customers - please contact me with quantity and we can workout a volume discount.

The following settings are suitable for marking these display units:

  • xTool F1: IR Laser, 400mm/s, 40% Power, 240 lines/cm
  • xTool F1 ULTRA: IR Laser, 6500mm/s, 45% Power, 240 lines/cm

Note: these coin displays are BLACK as seen in the product listing.

What is included:

  • QTY: 1 Display Stand (BLACK)

What is not included

  • Brass Coin(s)

If you are looking for depth map files for creating embossed coins, check my collection of designs here:

If you have not purchased your XTOOL F1 ULTRA, or are interested in other XTOOL products and accessories, see the links below. As an Amazon associate I may earn a small commission (at no extra cost to you).

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