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XTool S1 Button Cover and Prism Holder Kit

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Upgrade your XTool S1 laser cutter and engraver with the parts as seen in the video above. This listing is for the button cover and prism holder kit.

After having the opportunity to use the XTOOL S1 ahead of the launch date I have spent a good amount of time with this machine. While it is a great machine there are a few minor annoyances. 

First is the lack of protection for the main button that sits proud of the front of the machine. I have personally found this to be problematic when leaning over the machine to make last minute adjustments to work pieces. A few times my hip / leg has accidently hit the main button which tells the machine to start. Although the S1 won't turn the laser on without the lid shut it still throws the software into alarm and is annoying. Additionally, having a protective cover so curious kids or pets cannot press it is also a nice feature.

For this I created the main button cover. It simply installs with 3M double sided tape (included). There is a flexible GREEN cap cover to keep the button protected from liquid spills that could find their way down to the mainboard beneath it. When the cap is removed the button sits safely inside of the plastic guard that prevents accidental activation. The ring light around the button is still visible!

The second annoyance with the S1 are the prism holders that are included with the machine. Although they are helpful when making through cuts if you do not yet own a honeycomb bed... they are very slippery and prone to moving from the slightest touch or even breeze from your air assist module. If they move during your cut or engraving then your workpiece can also move ruining your job. Plus, lining them all up nicely by eye is a bit of a task. 

The prism holders solve this problem by allowing you to equally space the triangular prisms at two different intervals. The holders also slot together to ensure the perfect spacing across the entire work surface or you can configure them tighter together to hold smaller work pieces. 

Your prisms will now be secure and won't move from the air assist and smaller work pieces won't fall through!

 What is included:

  • Button Cover (Green Cap with Black Frame)
  • 6x Prism Holders (Grey or Green so they are visible against the S1 pan)

What is not included:

  • Metal prisms (use the ones included with your S1)

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