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XTool S1 (~3") Hose To XTool Smoke Purifier

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Build your custom smoke and fume extraction system with hose adapters allowing you to transition between various size hoses and machines.

This part allows you to connect the black XTool S1 flexible hose (~3") to the large XTool Smoke Purifier for the purpose of smoke and fume extraction of your laser cutter and engraver.

For some reason, none of the adapters included with the XTool Smoke Purifier seem to fit the S1 hose nicely. Either the adapters are too large for the hose to fit over, or too small to even allow the clamps to tighten the rigid hose around.

You can insert this custom adapter into the top of the XTool Smoke Purifier (the large one in the pictures - not the smaller desktop version) and then attach the S1 hose directly and secure with a hose clamp.


What is included:

  • QTY: 1 Plastic Adapter (color: can be GREY or BLACK)

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