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XTool P2 Material Squaring Brackets

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Quickly and easily square your materials inside of your XTool P2 workspace using these material squaring brackets and a steel framing square (see below for suggested squares).

Although the XTool P2 has the camera positioning system, it is still annoying to place your material in the workspace only to find that you are 2 degrees off from square and then you must try and rotate your graphic to match. This becomes more inconvenient when you are processing one piece after another for production and making adjustments each time.

The squaring brackets fit snugly between the XTool P2 slats and can slide forwards and backwards between the slats. The brackets contain embedded magnets that will hold a steel framing square. The square can then be slid side to side for maximum adjustability with the placement of your material in the workspace.

Additionally, you can use the measurements on the square (or even a straight metal ruler) to evenly and predictably place your materials to match your project files. For instance, if you are processing multiple square drink coasters you can space them 10mm apart. Your project file can also have your graphics spaced 10mm apart to match and there is no guesswork involved. Just start your job knowing that your materials are properly spaced and square inside of the work area.

Please note that you should remove the brackets before the job starts to avoid contact with the laser head or other moving parts of the P2. Also, since the brackets fit between the slats you must be in the laser slat mode, not the open bed configuration... otherwise the brackets have nothing to grab onto.

Also if you want additional brackets you can purchase a second set to create a grid if you are trying to simultaneously place many smaller objects.

Please note the brackets will be BLACK. The colors in the pictures are to make it easy to see the product over top of the black slats. 

What is included:

  • QTY: 2 Plastic Laser Squaring Brackets (The picture in this listing shows two brackets)

What is not included:

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