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XTool F1 ULTRA Controller Stand and Mount

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The XTool F1 ULTRA comes with a standalone touchscreen controller tethered to the machine by cable. It is not supplied with any stand or mounting solution and the controller is usually just laid flat on the table. 

With this controller stand and mount solution, there are two configurations for optimally holding, displaying, and accessing your XTool F1 ULTRA controller.

  • It can be used as a stylish and convenient pedestal stand with the non-slip feet at the bottom. 
  • It can be mounted directly to the F1 ULTRA front cover in place of the original lift handle.

By attaching the controller to the front cover of the machine, the overall machine footprint is reduced and the controller is always easily accessible (and still removeable) from the front. The front lid can be lifted by using the controller cradle with the screen in place, or if the screen is set aside, there is a lift tab at the center.

Note that the parts you receive will be colored BLACK. The colors in the pictures are used to make the items more visible in the listing photos. 

What is included:

  • F1 Ultra Controller Stand and Mount
  • All Hardware

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