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Wheel Fitment Tool (Cars and Trucks)

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An affordable wheel fitment tool that enables you to achieve that perfect wheel fitment on your vehicle by simulating a variety of wheel and tire sizes! You can customize your tool for your specific application or load up with all of the options if you run a wheel / tire shop and want to be prepared for any application. If you have something very custom / specific that you do not see listed, use my contact page and contact me. I can customize parts for your kit.

Please note that this tool is intended to represent the outside dimensions of your wheels and tires. This is useful for testing clearance to things like fenders and suspension components. Unfortunately inner dimensions of wheels are not really standardized. Therefore this tool cannot be used to test for clearance between components like your calipers and your inner wheel barrel. The manufacturers of wheels have lots of design freedom on the inside of wheels and I cannot design a tool to account for that much variety. 

Available options:

  • Car / SUV Tires:
    • Simulates a range of sidewall profiles from roughly 50mm tall to 75mm tall.

  • Truck (Flotation Inch Sizes):
    • Simulates truck / offroad tires measured with the inch (flotation) system.
    • Truck tires also include width sliders to simulate "fat" tires that stick out past the wheel face / lip.
    • Truck tire simulator pieces have holes spaced 1/2" apart and they are much larger. Scroll through the pictures, you can see the larger tire pieces. These pieces get bolted down with two bolts in all positions EXCEPT THE SMALLEST TIRE POSITION.

      As you extend the tire pieces 1/2" at a time on the radius, you simulate a tire that is 1" taller in diameter. Below are the ranges of tire sizes you can simulate for each of the wheel diameters:

      15" diameter wheel: 25 - 32" tall tire
      16 diameter wheel: 26 - 33" tall tire
      17" diameter wheel: 27 - 34" tall tire
      18" diameter wheel: 28 - 35" tall tire
      19" diameter wheel: 29 - 36" tall tire
      20" diameter wheel: 30 - 37" tall tire
      21" diameter wheel: 31 - 38" tall tire
      22" diameter wheel: 32 - 39" tall tire 

  • 4 and 5 Bolt Wheel Mount:
    • Covers 4 and 5 bolt patterns from 96mm - 130mm diameter spacing.
    • This should cover the most common wheel bolt patterns for most cars and small SUVs. This mount also accomodates center bores as large as 72mm.

  • 6 Bolt Wheel Mount:
    • Covers 6 bolt mounting patterns from 112mm - 140mm diameter spacing.
    • This should cover most 6 bolt cars and 6 bolt medium size trucks with center bores up to 90mm in diameter.

  • 15 inch - 20 inch Diameter Arm:
    • Allows you to simulate wheels up to 20 inches in diameter

  • 15 inch to 22 inch Diameter Arm:
    • Allows you to simulate wheels up to 22 inches in diameter

  • Standard tool can simulate wheel widths between 6 and 12 inches. If you need something wider, please use the contact page to message me.

  • Standard tool can simulate unlimited offset options

Hardware not included. You will need to supply the following. There are some slightly different requirements for the hardware depending on if you are using the car/SUV tire pieces or the larger truck tire pieces. See below:

If you are using the car / SUV tire pieces:

  • (2x) M6x25mm or (2x) 1/4"x1" Socket head cap screw
  • (5x) M6x50mm or (5x) 1/4"x2" Socket head cap screw
  • (5x) M6 or (5x) 1/4" Nylon locking nut
  • (12x) M6 or (12x) 1/4" Washers

If you are using the truck tire pieces:

  • (2x) M6x25mm or (2x) 1/4"x1" Socket head cap screw
  • (3x) M6x50mm or (3x) 1/4"x2" Socket head cap screw
  • (4x) M6x60mm or (4x) 1/4"x2.25" Socket head cap screw
  • (9x) M6 or (9x) 1/4" Nylon locking nut
  • (22x) M6 or (22x) 1/4" Washers

Why is the hardware not included? I am located in Canada. Hardware is unusually expensive here and that means passing costs along to you. Also, to ship nuts and bolts across world means more weight in the package which translates to more shipping cost to you. Rather than pass the extra cost along to you and pay for the hardware 4 times over, sourcing your own hardware locally is the most cost efficient method. It also allows you to source metric or imperial hardware - whichever you most prefer.

Care and storage instructions: Do not store in a hot environment like vehicle interior. If you live in a very hot climate like Texas or Florida store the tool indoors in a cool dry place. Do not place objects on top of the tools while in storage. You want to keep the tools as dimensionally accurate as possible!

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