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Snapmaker A250T / A350T 4010 Radial Fan Upgrade and Spool Holder

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Fits Snapmaker A250T and A350T. Check the images to see if your 3D printer tool head looks the same.


This listing is for the multi duct part cooling fan adapter and 4010 radial fan upgrade parts. 

Since the multi duct part cooling fan adapter is a fairly small part, I have decided to include the spool holder at no additional cost to you since the shipping cost will be the same. Therefore, you will get better value for your money overall.

The Snapmaker A250T and A350T are versatile machines with the ability to switch between 3D printing, machining, and laser tool heads. In Snapmaker's ambition to make a great all round machine, they seemed to have made some compromises in areas to keep the tool heads very compact. 

The part cooling fan is slightly undersized for the potential throughput of the hotend. However, what is worse is that the single duct for the part cooling is poorly aimed and being a single sided duct - the output only reaches one side of your print. This often results in parts with one side properly cooled and the other side looking very messy and warped due to receiving NO cooling at all. 

To solve this, I designed a multi duct (now three outlets) part cooling fan adapter that is a drop in replacement for the original. No modifications are necessary and everything fits in the original location. The video above will walk you through the installation which is very straightforward. 

With the new multi outlet duct you will notice more uniform appearance of your 3D printed parts. Small details will be sharper and more precise as the plastic will cool faster and prevent warping. In some cases you will be able to slightly increase your print speeds as the new duct will more effectively cool your parts. 

What it will not do: Since the original fan is still generally undersized you will not be able to drastically increase your print speeds. The fan is still small and if you would like to try and really increase your speeds you should look into upgrading to a 4010 fan or larger. The purpose of the multi duct ONLY modification is to increase the part quality at the existing speeds (and marginally faster).

The optional second modification is the 4010 radial fan adapters for those of you who are trying to increase your print speeds more significantly while maintaining part quality.

A regular 24V 4010 radial fan is used and will plug directly into the control PCB on the tool head. The connector is a common JST XH 2.5mm pitch connector. This is all explained in the video.

The spool holder will slide over the original 8mm spool holder shaft and center your 3D printing spools so they roll smoothly. The conical shape of the holder will self center most spools (different manufacturers use different sizes). This eliminates the eccentric rolling on the very small 8mm shaft and keeps the pulling force required by your extruder more consistent.

What is included:

  • Dual duct adapter printed in carbon fiber PETG filament
  • Optional 4010 radial fan adapter parts with hardware
  • Spool holder adapter

 What is not included in the kit:

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