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Ortur LM3 (10W) Fume Extraction Nozzle

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Upgrade your Ortur Laser Master 3 laser cutter and engraver with the parts as seen in the video above. This listing is for the 10W laser head module LU2-10A.

The fume extraction nozzle is used to extract smoke and fumes at the source. This eliminates the necessity to build a large / bulky enclosure around your compact desktop laser machine. The nozzle is 3D printed in a very strong carbon fiber impregnated material.

The nozzle connects to a light and flexible CPAP hose that you can run to your choice of filtration / vacuum system to extract and filter fumes and particulates as seen in the video above. That filtration kit can be found here: Fume Extractor Conversion Kit

Additional benefit to this method is the reduction of soot build up around the laser lens and the faster extraction of heavy smoke during the laser process, preventing diffusion of the beam and loss of detail.

What is included:

  • LU2-10A Nozzle Extraction Parts
  • All Hardware

What is not included:

  • CPAP Hose (See link below)

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