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Fume Extractor Conversion For Stanley SL18116 and SL18115 Wet/Dry Vacuum

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Include CPAP Adapter?

Convert your wet/dry vacuum to a fume extractor system for your light duty laser cutter and engraver.

This kit is compatible with the Stanley 6GA vacuum, part number SL18116 and Stanley 5GA vacuum part number SL18115. It might (but not guaranteed to) also fit numerous other 4HP models of wet/dry shop vacuums as different companies often use the same manufacturer and rebrand their products. This modification is fully reversible to return your vacuum back into a regular shop vacuum when not being used as a fume extractor.

Some wet/dry vacuum cleaners offer paper cartridge filters that can be purchased separately from the vacuum unit. However, these paper filters do not filter particles as fine as a proper HEPA filter. Additionally, they do not offer any odor absorption and their availability is often scarce due to their limited use. 

This conversion kit will allow you to use a cartridge filter from a popular air purifier system. These readily available replacement filters use both HEPA and activated carbon to filter particles and odors from your laser cutter / engraver. You can simply use paper towels as a pre-filter material to prevent clogging of the HEPA filter and extend its life as seen in the video above. Optionally, you can add extra carbon layers inside to absorb even more odor if necessary.

What is included:

  • Plastic Filter Adapters
  • Hardware

What is not included:

  • Air Filter (Vista 200-RF) (See link below)
  • Optional Extra Carbon Filter (See link below)

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CPAP Hose (to connect to vacuum nozzle that goes on the laser head)

Vista 200-RF

Cut to Fit Carbon Filter

Stanley SL18116

Stanley SL18115

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