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Bamboo Laptop Cooling Riser Pad With (Optional) RGB Fans and HEX Feet

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PAY ATTENTION TO THE OPTIONS. There are two version available. One without cooling holes, and one with cooling holes and included fans! See video below for wiring details.

This stylish laptop / monitor riser stand is made with a solid bamboo surface and sturdy plastic legs. The bamboo surface has an attractive hexagonal pattern laser engraved into the top to match the hexagon patterned black legs.

Optionally, it features CNC cut and hand finished cooling holes with two 120mm RGB cooling fans powered by USB cables / connectors included. The 2-1 USB connector allows you to power both fans with a single USB port. Each fan features independent speed control.

It can accommodate very large gaming laptops with a generous width of 17.75" (450mm) and depth of 11" (250mm). The front edge is 4" (100mm) high and the back edge is 5" (127") high.

It comes fully assembled and ready to use right out of the box!

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