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Embrace Making

Acrylic Edge Lit LED Sign Kit

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Build an incredibly eye catching sign or art piece with this acrylic edge lit LED sign kit.

This kit will accommodate 3mm (~1/8") thick acrylic panels that are 300mm (~12") wide. The height of your panel can vary but would not recommend to go much taller than 300mm (~12").

In addition to holding the primary clear acrylic panel, the stand will also accommodate a secondary panel behind the first clear panel for a solid background. Try using a piece of mirrored acrylic in the background for a really cool infinity mirror effect.

The high quality aluminum framed LED bar included in this kit provides a diffused daylight color temperature (with min. LED CRI of 90) for comfortable and natural viewing and nicely hides the individual LEDs. The entire kit is plug and play and no complex wiring is involved. Plugs are twist lock barrel jacks so they will not accidentally pull apart. An inline switch makes it easy to turn the lighting system on and off as required.

What is included:

  • QTY: 1 Aluminum LED Light Bar
  • QTY: 1 Extension Cable With Inline Switch
  • QTY: 1 Power Supply (North American Style Plug)
  • Mounting Brackets / Feet
  • LED Shields

What is not included:

  • Acrylic Panel

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