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3 Inch (76mm) Flange to 4 Inch (101mm) Hose Adapter

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Build your custom smoke and fume extraction system with hose adapters allowing you to transition between various size hoses.

This part allows you to connect a 4 inch (~101mm) hose to a 3 inch (76mm) flange for the purpose of smoke and fume extraction of your laser cutter and engraver.

Certain laser enclosures such as the ones from XTOOL and Creality typically include a 3 inch hose flange on the side of the enclosure. The large XTool Smoke Purifier also uses a 3" flange on the exhaust port. See listing pictures for images of this compatible equipment.

It is common practice to attach an inline duct fan to the enclosure to draw out the fumes. These duct fans are most commonly found with 4 inch inlet/outlets. Rather than splice together two different size hoses, you can replace the 3 inch flange on the enclosure/ XTool smoke purifier with this part to route 4 inch hose directly to the side of your enclosure/smoke purifier. The additional advantage is that 4 inch hose is generally more common to find.

If you are looking for examples of inline fans that are commonly used for this application, see the links below.

 What is included:

  • QTY: 1 Plastic Adapter (color: BLACK)

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