XTOOL F1 Alignment Template

XTOOL F1 Alignment Template

Thank you for watching the video about the XTOOL F1!

To supplement the review and setup guide video of the XTOOL F1 high speed laser cutter and engraver, I've designed an alignment template to use with the included corner bracket from XTOOL.

 Oddly, in XTOOL Creative Space software the depiction of the workspace does not reflect the fixturing locations for the included corner bracket. Therefore, when placing a workpiece in physical space, there is (until now) no good way of accurately placing the graphic within the software. 

To use this template, import it into XTOOL Creative Space, do not resize it. Make sure it is centered and select for the software to ignore it so that it does not get processed. 

Then place your image over the template to align it with the fixture grid system I have laid out in the dashed lines. See the video for more details including a few examples.

For objects that are not easily aligned with the XTOOL corner bracket, I also offer a 9-in-1 fixture for popular objects, as well as an 8-in-1 circular jig for various sized round objects. Both are sold together as a kit and the digital template files for those fixtures are emailed to you upon purchase.

FREE Alignment Template:

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